How You Can Lend a Hand to Someone in Need

“It’s always the little things that make the big things happen.” – Jeffrey Fry

Never underestimate the power of something small. Whether it’s a bike ride to buy groceries for a busy mom, or helping a kid find a computer repair shop for his laptop, these acts of kindness add up to build strong, caring communities. And with the help of technology, no one is too far away.

In the Philippines, GooZam volunteers have been actively reaching out to communities to make a difference since 2015. Aside from access to emergency numbers, this call-for-help platform also offers in-demand services for everyone: from students, single dads, to senior citizens.

Just download the GooZam app and register your phone number. From there, you can immediately choose which services you want to avail of. GooZam believes that with the right platform, anyone can be a Good Samaritan and extend their hand to people in need.

Ready to join the good? Download GooZam and see who YOU can help today

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