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Launch of BATW Using Music to Send Gifts

The Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc and hit individuals of all ages, old and young. Through a year of isolation and uncertainty, the holiday season’s traditions are a reminder that though many things have changed, some traditions carry on, such as

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Call for Volunteers: Be Santa’s Helper!

A lot of good donating and volunteering opportunities have cropped up in the wake of the pandemic, but it is also now, more than ever, where volunteers are needed around the world to provide relief from the destruction that COVID-19

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Toys for every Girl and Boy

Young children love to play together, but life changed dramatically when the CoViD-19 pandemic began to sweep the world in early 2020. With the outbreak of the virus, playdates with friends and games with large groups are sadly not safe

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Are you ready to grow for the future of work?

Continuous learning is essential throughout one’s career, and depending on the field, a lot of employees are trained by their respective organizations to acquire job-specific skills. Upskilling, as we call it, has lagged behind other industries on the road to

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