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Why we need leaders and volunteers to train in order to educate their communities in choosing the right leaders

Voting一 a concept well known by all Filipinos, as it should, considering our many things about this country are decided by elections. President, senators, governors, and mayors, among others, are all voted upon by the general population. Considering how much … Read More

Are you ready to grow for the future of work?

Continuous learning is essential throughout one’s career, and depending on the field, a lot of employees are trained by their respective organizations to acquire job-specific skills. Upskilling, as we call it, has lagged behind other industries on the road to … Read More

The Power in Partnership and Strength in Numbers

In a little less than one year, Filipino voters will again flock to polling precincts to choose their representatives in the government. Politicians, or shall we say, potential candidates, even before the official campaign period started, have fanned themselves out … Read More

Training the Trainer in Educating the Electorate

Halalan 2022 is coming right up and as voters, our voices have a right to be heard. It’s important that we vote and act based on facts over opinions so that we can accurately vote and make a decision that … Read More

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How You Can Lend a Hand to Someone in Need

“It’s always the little things that make the big things happen.” – Jeffrey Fry Never underestimate the power of something small. Whether it’s a bike ride to buy groceries for a busy mom, or helping a kid find a computer … Read More

Goozam Community: How When We’re Together, We Can Do So Much More

Our communities are made up of different families, just like ours. That’s why we should do our own part in protecting it. After all, it doesn’t matter whether or not we’re connected by blood – what matters is how we … Read More

Why Volunteerism Plays A Critical Role in First Response

In a scale of 1 to 10, how prepared are you to face emergencies like fire, floods, or earthquakes? During crisis situations, little things – such as knowing First Aid – can save not only your life, but someone else’s. … Read More

What Your Smartphone Can Do To Help Someone in Need

The 2020 pandemic definitely caught every country by surprise. Even developed countries struggled to ensure their citizens would be well-cared for and protected. Frontliners such as healthcare workers, are most at risk as they battle against the pandemic head on.  … Read More

Why Social Issues Are Best Seen Through Camera Lens

Media plays a crucial role not only in disseminating information, but also in raising awareness for various social issues. Content like films, for instance, are a great medium because it’s both entertaining and relevant. Movies have always captured the hearts … Read More