Why Volunteerism Plays A Critical Role in First Response

In a scale of 1 to 10, how prepared are you to face emergencies like fire, floods, or earthquakes? During crisis situations, little things – such as knowing First Aid – can save not only your life, but someone else’s.

First Responders are trained individuals who are the first to respond to emergency calls. They can be police officers, fire fighters, healthcare workers, as well as teachers. But despite constant training, they still face uncertainty. Just like you, they too, don’t know how a disaster will unfold or how worse it can get. This puts their lives at risk.

Training can provide them the insight and preparedness to adjust their behaviors based on what they’re facing. Aside from knowing how to respond to emergencies however, the speed of response is also critical. When something goes wrong, every second counts.

And leading the way in rapid First Response is community-driven call-for-help platform, GooZam.

Since 2015, GooZam has been holding First Response trainings to Filipino volunteers so they can equip themselves with the basic knowledge on how to respond to emergency situations with the aid of technology.

With GooZam, anyone can be a volunteer.  Simply download the app and register your phone number. Then, you’re ready to ask for assistance, or help someone in need.

There are uncertain times ahead. But with technology and some good Samaritans, we can all be part of a solution.

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