Why Social Issues Are Best Seen Through Camera Lens

Media plays a crucial role not only in disseminating information, but also in raising awareness for various social issues. Content like films, for instance, are a great medium because it’s both entertaining and relevant.

Movies have always captured the hearts of the Filipino people. Through the works of our talented filmmakers, Filipinos can get to know their roots, understand the problems their communities are facing, as well as reflect on the values they want to embody.

GooZam understands the importance of relevant content for local communities. That’s why it shows its support for creative organizations, like the Sorok Uni Foundation, a non-profit for Persons Affected with Leprosy (PALs) and the homeless. One of its activities, the Sorok Short Film Festival, aims to raise awareness on a variety of social issues in the Philippines through filmmaking.


With the right platform and the right motivation, people can come together for the common good.

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