What Your Smartphone Can Do To Help Someone in Need

The 2020 pandemic definitely caught every country by surprise. Even developed countries struggled to ensure their citizens would be well-cared for and protected. Frontliners such as healthcare workers, are most at risk as they battle against the pandemic head on. 


It’s times like this that current technology is an advantage. Our smartphones for instance, are tools we can count on whenever and wherever we are. Apps like GooZam, is a great platform that gives everyone a chance to send help where it’s needed. 


GooZam volunteers are proof that Good Samaritans are now just a few clicks away. Their efforts have made it possible to secure Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs to our medical frontliners in heavily stricken areas, like Metro Manila. 


As a community-driven call-for-help platform, GooZam links you to essential products and services such as: transportation providers, charitable organizations, barangay health centers, grocery deliveries, and pharmaceuticals. 


Thanks to technology, rapid First Response is at the palm of your hands. Why not download GooZam now and see how YOU can join the good?

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