Nominate Your Barangay: Giving The Gift of Love in The City of Love

Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop the GooZam Community from spreading the joy of the Christmas season. With our Call for New or in Good Condition Toy Donations for Christmas Gift Giving, GooZam Community remains committed to continue to support children during the crisis and to  ensure that this generation of young children not only survive, but also thrive.

With schools and playgrounds closed and restricted amid the pandemic, it has undeniably hard-pressed the need to intensify play among children. And now, as we witness decline in children’s play globally, there also has been a consequent increase in advocates for play and a recognition of children’s need for it. Thankfully so! We share the same mission in GooZam. Believing in the critical role of playing in keeping a child well-rounded, we believe in the vital role of the community to help our children get some sense of normalcy. 

As part of this initiative, GooZam calls for you to Nominate Your Barangay! The barangay being the smallest administrative division in the Philippines, we see an opportunity for a unique venture in harnessing creative potential of individuals and groups in semi-autonomous, small-scale community actions. After all, where do we start if not in our own hometowns, right?  Your nomination would help us determine which barangays to be included in our gift-giving.

We will share the details of our donations with everyone who contributes to our drive so that they may also see the impact of their actions in the society, and who knows? We might inspire and motivate others to do just the same. Here at GooZam, we hope to do our bit by helping the community, one child at a time, one barangay at a time. 

Nominate your barangay now! Fill out the form here.

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