How A Call-For-Help Mobile App Can Make A Difference in Search and Rescue Efforts

When three siblings, aged 15, 12, and 5, went to play near a river in Brgy. Talongadian, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, they were not expecting things to go bad. One minute, they were happily climbing trees, and the next thing they knew, two of them were already in the water. And the water was rising fast. 

One of the biggest challenges for search and rescue operations is lack of resources. Responders will need the right equipment, food, water, transportation, as well as additional support. Without resources, search and rescue can take more time – which can be crucial. 

Another big challenge is terrain. Often, emergency teams find it difficult to reach certain areas, especially if they’re not familiar with the locality. Here’s where local volunteers become important, because they can act as a guide to quickly comb areas which are otherwise hard to get to.

GooZam, in partnership with government agencies, business organizations, and local volunteers, can help support search and rescue efforts. In just a few clicks, you can: 

  • alert authorities in case of emergencies, 

  • send donations or goods, and

  • call for help.

GooZam is a community-driven call-for-help platform that aims to make a difference in First Response. It uses technology to connect people who need assistance with individuals who want to lend a hand. 

Join the GooZam community today and see how YOU can be part of something good.

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