Call for Volunteers: Be Santa’s Helper!

A lot of good donating and volunteering opportunities have cropped up in the wake of the pandemic, but it is also now, more than ever, where volunteers are needed around the world to provide relief from the destruction that COVID-19 has had on communities. Volunteers are undeniably the heart of many nonprofits and these organizations rely on them to help reach goals and drive mission-attainment. In fact, most nonprofits would not be able to achieve goals without the support of volunteers. They have an opportunity to really make a big difference within their communities.

When seeking ways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, our first recommendation is to think globally – but act locally. There’s no doubt the entire world has been affected by the coronavirus, and many of us feel cooped up and anxious right now, wishing we could do something to improve the circumstances of our world. Fortunately, you can! After all, the easiest way to make a large impact and stay safe while doing it is to start your efforts in your own community, right?

GooZam Community has recently launched a Call for New or in Good Condition Toy Donations for Christmas Gift Giving in the Philippines driven by the inspiration to make our children enjoy playful moments and expand their world even when physical space is limited. With GooZam seeing the opportunity for a unique venture in harnessing creative potential of individuals and groups in semi-autonomous, small-scale community actions like the barangay, we are calling out to individuals to nominate their barangay, as part of our effort to help determine which barangays to be included in the gift-giving

However, without someone to take action, all the donations in the world won’t help. Just like how a season’s worth of donated clothes is just a pile of stuff until someone coordinates with the homeless community, a warehouse full of toy items isn’t also doing any child any good if there are no people to distribute it. 

To help Santa make sure that every child has a present under the tree, we’re reaching out to volunteers to make the magic happen! So, we’re calling out to you, if you can give of yourself and not just toys.  Your time as a volunteer can make all the difference to the community.  It will surely take a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated volunteers, and your support is needed now more than ever. Your service would definitely be the best donation you can give.

Start small or start big—but start now. Become Santa’s helper, volunteer now!

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