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Smart Phone Arised

In 2016, about 62.9 percent of the population worldwide owns a mobile phone. In 2017 about 4.77 billion persons has a mobile phone. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019.

Electronic Health Record

GooZam , helps serve Community through Technology

EHR improves data collection to create predictive pathways for wellness. With EHR essential data can be created and managed by authorized providers in a digital format capable of being shared with other providers across more than one health care organization.

GooZam Smart Cities

GooZam Application

 Through the GooZam App, crowdsourced help, conventional response agencies, SMS contacts, GPS navigation and Facebook can be deployed to deliver essential services.

GooZam App
Smart Cities Features

Enjoying services and functionalities

  • Send emergency messages through 5 methods simultaneous: SMS, Voice, Fb, Chat and Email
  • GPS Check-in and Check-out for logging cases and incidents or just for payroll or business rating review
  • Group communication chat during service request
  • Message blast from the portal
  • Check local news based on location
  • Request for ride or delivery of parcel
  • Request for non-emergency services

Goozam Portal

The GooZam Portal enables volunteer, crowdsourced and response organizations to manage request for help. The GooZam portal gives any organization Disaster/Incident Command Center capabilities, allowing collaboration and dispatch while logging each incident.

GooZam Smart Cities - Service Support Portal

Communicate Distress Message Individually or Through Blast

Payroll Verification and Processing for GPS Check-in and Check-out

Service Issues/Problem Ticket CRM

Emergency Management ICS Portal

Hold Harmless Waiver Tracking

Organization Profile Website and Star Rating by Verified Users

GooZam is now implementing cashless payment thru


What is GooZam Cash ?

GooZam Cash enables users and merchants to deposit, spend, charge, transfer, disburse and withdraw money using web and mobile app wallets. There are no transaction fees for user to user or merchant to merchant transfers.

Install GooZam Cash here :


GooZam Cash also offers an Android based NFC/RFID touch and pay app, for real or tokenized currency. Cards can either store tokens, or be used as an identifier to deduct online user balances.
White label options are available for the GooZam Cash Wallet mobile application, and an open REST API enables integration into other apps and services.

Effortless Transaction

GooZam Cash is fully integrated with the Stellar Blockchain and many different Fiat currencies can be used in the GooZam Cash Wallet, issued by other E-wallet providers around the world

Digital Asset Types


Philippine Pesos (PHP)




Stellar Tokens


ERC20 Tokens


Non Fungigble Tokens (NFT)


Closed Loop Rewards