How A Few Minutes of Your Time Can Save a Life

First Responders are critical when it comes to accidents or natural disasters. Their training allows them to quickly provide assistance to the public, especially during emergencies when official help from authorities is still a long way off. 


While first responders are usually healthcare professionals or law enforcement officers, volunteers can also partner up with trained individuals to be a First Responder.


When it comes to First Response, minutes matter. Having enough people to offer assistance when something goes wrong could mean a huge difference in saving lives. This is where platforms like GooZam become essential.


As an app, anyone can download it and ask for help. Likewise, you can volunteer as a First Responder to ensure your community will always have someone looking out for them.


GooZam has also been partnering with First Responders in Iloilo City since 2018. Thanks to their efforts, city events are more fun, and are kept safe. 


How about you: are you ready for emergencies? Download GooZam today and find out how YOU can make a difference in First Response.

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